As you may or may not have already discovered, every player is different. Some are great at just listening to instructions and then being able to put them into practice whilst others (like myself) are more visual learners.

Being able to 'see' what's expected of them in terms of positioning on court can be invaluable. But, as I'm sure you all can imagine, we don't exactly want to see our coaches out on the court demonstrating this at the quarter and half time breaks.

For this reason Holding Court has included a diagram of a netball court which can simply be printed off and included in all your training and game sessions. It will enable you to draw movements, explain the paths of specific plays and give ALL your players a clearer understanding of what's expected of them.

Sounds simply I know, but it's amazing what a difference it can make when trying to communicate your thoughts and ideas with your players.

Click here to download a copy of the Netball Court diagram